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Everything you (should) need to know about Mammoth! at your event.


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you (should) need to know about Mammoth! at your event.


How long can I rent for?
Two hours is our minimum but we're happy to party with you for as long as you can hang!

Can I custom brand my photos?
Heck yes! We can add your company or wedding logo to the online watermarks and prints.

Do you travel?
Of course! We're pimpin' all over the world. Ludacris aside, we're based in Detroit and travel all over America.

Can I book for more than 6 hours?
Plan on partying for more than 6 hours, or more than one day? How could we say no when you asked so nicely? Let's chat about it, we'd love to make it happen.


How much does it cost?
We party-rock weddings, corporate soirees, graduation bashes, and every other party in between. We know that each and every party is different, so we don't put some goofy, overarching price on our service. We'll have a professional party rocker be there to set it up, take it down, and everything in between. Contact us, and we'll have a quote to you crazy fast.

How many people can fit?
How many clowns can fit into a Mini Cooper? Nobody will truly know until you try.

How many photos can be taken?
Somewhere between one photo and infinity photos. You make the call.


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