Mammoth! Experiential Marketing
Turn your audience into advocates with an experiential marketing campaign.


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grab everyones attention

A super fun event experience that gets people sharing your branded content.

The Mammoth Array is a fun marketing tool that engages your audience by giving them videos so cool that they can't help but to share them. 


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Mammoth! came out to our Summer Bash event. The kids, parents, and other vendors loved it!
— Max Morelli, Operations Manager at Sky Zone

Array social marketing

Get everyone's attention

Imagine the sharing and brand impressions you'll get when you bring the Mammoth Array experience to your next event. All the cool brands are doing it, promise. 



 Grand Opening

Grand Opening

 Trade Shows

Trade Shows



The game plan

Here's what you can expect. Note to self, I need to write more here.


Share your vision
Talk through event details and how we can bring your vision to life.


Creative planning
Work with our creative team to design your brand scene and audience experience.


It's party time
Your brand experience will attract lots of attention.


Share branded content
People share their videos instantly. Trending Instagram stories are common.


What you get

13 Camera Array
A bunch of cameras, professional lighting, amazing branded video loops.

Sharing Station
Your guests get their branded videos instantly. Say hello to lots of branded social media content!

Event Microsite
Your branded content is available on your event microsite instantly.

Professional Team
Your well-dressed, well-trained team of two will setup, teardown, and everything in between.


What's extra

Backdrop Scene
You can design and build your own backdrop scene. Don't want to build your own? Tell us your vision and we'll build it for you.


Stand out from your competition

Array marketing starts at $3,970

Talk about the value brands get from this type of media at events. They'll stand out for sure.

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